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Founded & Managed by A Team of Highly Trained Professionals

[ State of New York Licensed Private Investigator ]


We are poised to offer your business any and all of the finest security services available.  We have Highly Trained Security Officers, with Fire Guard and OSHA Cerifications.  They are periodically retrained and screened for alcohol abuse and illegal substance abuse.


This company is Owned by a Retired New York City Police Sergeant who spent 20 years patroling the streets of some of the toughest neigborhoods in New York City.  The management of the Company  includes persons who have worked for decades in the security industry which includes securing Commercial Establishments, Hospital Facilities, Homeless Shelters, Construction Sites, Personal Protection and escorts and many other areas of security.




Office: 718-815-2500

Fax: 718-390-8755

Mobile: 347-283-3072

1162 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY 10305


9322 3rd. Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Rm 123

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Kelvin Alexander - President/CEO

1162 Bay Street

Staten Island, New York 10305


Tel: 347-283-3072