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Licensed and Bonded in New York and New Jersey, KA Investigations Security LLC was founded in 2012. This company is a culmination of over 30 years of Police and Security Industry Experience.

Criminal Investigations

We will solve unsolved crimes committed against your family and/or your community

Fraud & Insurance


Investigations of Insurance mishaps and fraudulent claims

 Computer Forensics


The best Cyber Security aparatus in the Security Business, Guaranteeing the best protection for your information

Missing Persons


Excellent record of finding persons sought by family, friends and bill collectors



We will monitor your facilities and protect your property and your loved ones


KA is in the business of security and private investigations.  From the owner’s perspective security provides a way to instantly satisfy the need to feel safe and secure in a changing environment.  From the customer’s perspective feeling secure allows us to operate and motivate without the need to worry about some of the more mundane aspects of business, such as whether they are going to be burglarized or not.    So security provides a way for the merchant to connect with its customers, its vendors and employees anywhere in the world.


KA markets its services to customers through our website, social media, mouth to mouth interaction and customer satisfaction.  Additionally, KA is now in the business of training security officers and is proposing to open up its own security management school in the not too distant future.    KA will train and equip each and every one of its employees into our discipline system assuring the customer of the very best in professional security services.



Protect your happy family with                                       Protect Your Work SIte WIth 

KA Investigations-Security          KA Investigations-Security    

Agency Certifications

Some of the agencies KA Investigations-Security is certified to work with:


NYC Dept. of Design and Construction


NYC School Construction Authority


NYC Housing Authority


Port Authority of PA, NY, NJ


NYC Dept. of Sanitation


NJ Dept. of Business Services


NYC Dept. of Transportation


Metropolitan Transit Authority


New York State Dormitory Authority